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Celebrating 200 Years of Giving Hope

The life-changing work of the Pontifical Mission Societies began with a simple invitation between neighbors 200 years ago. Pauline Marie Jaricot, who was beatified in May 2022, asked those in her community to offer prayers and small donations in support of the universal missions of the Catholic Church. The network slowly expanded across continents. Today, some 1,100 dioceses in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific Islands benefit from what Pauline began and countless other generous people continued.

Throughout the year, the Pontifical Mission Societies support the proclamation of the Gospel, the building of the Church and the work and witness of mission priests, religious and lay pastoral leaders. These missionaries provide food, education, and medical care to the most vulnerable communities in the Pope’s missions. Through their work, they reveal the compassionate heart of Jesus. [Read more.]

Heart of a Missionary: The Story of Pauline Jaricot

Blessed Pauline Marie Jaricot's simple but passionate acts of charity in a small town in France blossomed into one of the most impactful missionary organizations in our world today: the Propagation of the Faith, one of the four Pontifical Mission Societies. A documentary film shares Pauline's story through interviews, dramatizations, and travels to various mission sites around the world. A trailer of the film is available below. It can be streamed in English or Spanish by visiting A trailer of the movie may be viewed below.  

Help the people of Pakistan

CRS is providing emergency relief in response to floods that have displaced more than 2 million people and covered one third of Pakistan. More than 1,000 people are reported to have died in the natural disaster, and the homes of hundreds of thousands of families have been flooded or destroyed. With bridges, shops and city infrastructure damaged, communities face challenges in accessing help and having the means to rebuild and recover.

Please join in helping the people of Pakistan by making an emergency relief donation to CRS.

World Day of Migrants and Refguees - September 25, 2022

"The inclusion of those most vulnerable is the necessary condition for full citizenship in God’s Kingdom." - Pope Francis World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2022

The World Day of Migrants and Refugees provides an opportunity to express concern for different vulnerable people on the move; to pray for them as they face many challenges, and to increase awareness about the contributions that migrants and refugees bring to their new countries.

The theme chosen for this year's celebration of the day is "Building the future with Migrants and Refugees."

"The arrival of Catholic migrants and refugees can energize the ecclesial life of the communities that welcome them. Often they bring an enthusiasm that can revitalize our communities and enliven our celebrations. Sharing different expressions of faith and devotions offers us a privileged opportunity for experiencing more fully the catholicity of the People of God," Pope Francis wrote in his 2022 message.

The Catholic Church has been celebrating the World Day of Migrants and Refugees since 1914. It began when Pope Pius X called for people to join in prayer for those leaving their homes in the months leading up to WWI.


Lord, make us bearers of hope,
so that where there is darkness,
your light may shine,
and where there is discouragement,
confidence in the future may be reborn.

Lord, make us instruments of your justice,
so that where there is exclusion, fraternity may flourish,
and where there is greed, a spirit of sharing may grow.

Lord, make us builders of your Kingdom,
together with migrants and refugees
and with all who dwell on the peripheries.

Lord, let us learn how beautiful it is
to live together as brothers and sisters. Amen.

Rome, Saint John Lateran, 9 May 2022

Support the people of Ukraine through the work of the Pontifical Mission Societies and CRS

Your help is needed in Ukraine where there is great risk of suffering for those remaining within the country and for those fleeing to neighboring countries for safety. 

Countless priests, religious sisters and brothers, and lay pastoral leaders are working hard to care for children and families caught in the turmoil in Ukraine. They are in urgent need of food, water, and basic aid. Through the Pontifical Mission Societies, you can help them and answer Pope Francis' call to support the people of Ukraine. The pope tells us, “In God, no act of love, no matter how small, and no ‘generous effort’ will ever be lost.”

CRS and its Caritas partners are ready to provide safe shelter, hot meals, hygiene supplies, fuel to keep warm, transport to safe areas, counseling support, and more. Read about the work being done and how you can help. 

Children in Faith: Learning to Pray and color with José.

With this downloadable coloring book, children can learn about God, how to pray, and have fun coloring at the same time.

Missio - Support the pope's charities

"It's not just charity. It's change."

A direct way to help missions around the world is through Missio, a connection with Pope Francis' missions around the world.

You can choose the project to which you would like to contribute, whether it's assisting religious sisters as they combat COVID-19 in Kenya, supporting a children's village in El Salvador, or growing a parish farm in the Philippines. Learn more and Donate today.

CRS Downloadable Prayer Book

Join together in prayer with this downloadable prayer book from Catholic Relief Services. It includes some of the basic prayers of the Catholic Church, such as the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Nicene Creed, accompanied by images of our brothers and sisters around the world.

World Mission Rosary

As we especially reflect upon the Sorrowful Mysteries this Lent, join in praying a rosary for missionaries all over the world and those they serve.  Each color of the World Mission Rosary represents a different region, from the rich greens of Africa to the yellow of the rising sun in the Far East.  Free rosaries are available to all. Contact the Office of Missions for more information. Learn more.

Mass Cards and Enrollment

We offer many ways to honor your loved ones.  They include enrollment in the Society for the Propagation of the Faith for individuals and families, as well as Masses of remembrance.   Masses will be said for your loved ones by missionaries around the world.

For more information, contact the Office of Missions.

Learn more.

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