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What Catholics Believe

The Sacraments

September 2022 - Marriage

July 2022 - Holy Orders

May 2022 - The sacrament of anointing of the sick

March 2022 - The sacrament of reconciliation

January 2022 - The Eucharist

November 2021 - The Sacrament of Confirmation

September 2021 - The Sacrament of Baptism

July 2021 - An overview of the sacraments

May 2021 - Why sacraments?

The Nicene Creed

September 2019 - Introduction - The Nicene Creed

November 2019 - "I Believe In"

January 2020 - "I believe in one God"

March 2020 - One God, Three Persons

May 2020 - The Father

July 2020 - The Son

September 2020 - I believe in the Holy Spirit

November 2020 - The Church

January 2021 - "One baptism for the forgiveness of sins"

March 2021 - Resurrection and new creation

The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults

Chapter One - “My Soul Longs for You, O God" (Ps 42:2)

Chapter Two - God Speaks to Us

Chapter Three - Proclaim the Gospel to Every Creature

Chapter Four - Obedience of Faith

Chapter Five - I Believe in God the Creator.

Chapter Six - Made in the Image of God

Chapter Six (part 2) - Did I mention Original Sin?

Chapter Seven - A Christmas Story during Lent: The Incarnation

Chapter Eight - The Passion, Death & Resurrection of Christ

Chapter Nine - Receive the Holy Spirit

Chapter Ten - The Church Light of the World

Chapter Eleven - What Does the Church of Christ Look Like?

Chapter Twelve - Mary, The Church's First and Most Perfect Member

Chapter Thirteen - Life is Changed, Not Ended: Our Eternal Destiny

Chapter Fourteen- The Celebration of the Paschal Mystery of Christ

Chapter Fifteen - Baptism: Becoming a Christian

Chapter Sixteen - Confirmation: Sacrament of Strength and Mission

Chapter Seventeen - The Eucharist: Source and Summit of Christian Life

Chapter Eighteen - Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation: God is Rich in Mercy

Chapter Nineteen - Anointing the Sick and the Dying

Chapter Twenty - Holy Orders

Chapter Twenty - One - Joined in Christ, The Sacrament of Marriage

Chapter Twenty - Two - Sacramentals: Sacred Signs.

Chapter Twenty - Two - Devotions

Chapter Twenty - Three - Life in Christ: The Foundations of the Christian Moral Life

Pope Affirms Early Confirmation Age

Chapter Twenty-Four - Life in Christ: The Principles of the Christian Moral Life - Part 2

Chapter Twenty-Five - The First Commandment

Chapter Twenty-Six - The Second Commandment

Chapter Twenty-Seven - The Third Commandment

Chapter Twenty-Eight- The Fourth Commandment

Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Fifth Commandment

Chapter Thirty - The Sixth Commandment

Chapter Thirty-One - The Seventh Commandment

Chapter Thirty-One - The Seventh Commandment, part 2.

Chapter Thirty-Two - The Eighth Commandment

Chapter Thirty-Three - The Ninth Commandment

Chapter Thirty-Four - The Tenth Commandment

Chapter Thirty-Five - God Calls Us to Pray

Chapter Thirty-Six - Jesus Taught Us to Pray: The Our Father


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