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The Diocese of Portland conducts its business as the Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland, a corporation sole. The diocese along with its parishes and parish schools are one legal entity under civil law in the state of Maine. However, the diocese is also governed according to the Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The Finance Office's responsibilities are much the same as they are in other corporations as far as civil law matters are concerned. The Finance Office's responsibilities are somewhat broader as defined within the Church.

The Finance Office administers the temporal (worldly) goods of the diocese under the authority of the diocesan bishop and in accordance with a budget determined by a diocesan finance council. Enough income is to be provided to meet the expenses that have been legitimately authorized by the bishop. An account of all receipts and expenditures must be rendered to the finance council each year.

Under Canon Law, the diocese and parishes are not one legal entity. Each parish as well as certain other institutions are a separate legal entity or separate juridic person under Canon Law. Each juridic person has certain responsibilities and certain rights under the law. Nevertheless, the Finance Office must exercise careful vigilance over the administration of all temporal goods which belong to public juridic persons subject to the bishop.

The Finance Office oversees the financial affairs (including fundraising activities) and property management of the diocese. In so doing, the Office conducts audits, centrally administers insurance and benefit programs, oversees investment activities and approves capital improvements.

I hope that you find this brief overview to be helpful. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance. Thank you for your interest.

Peace & God bless,

Scott Graff
Chief Financial Officer

Annual Report

Of the finances and operations of the Diocese of Portland available below in Adobe PDF format.

Audited Statements for 2019 through June 30, 2020
2021 Fiscal Report 2012 Fiscal Report
2020 Fiscal Report 2011 Fiscal Report
2019 Fiscal Report 2010 Fiscal Report
2018 Fiscal Report 2009 Fiscal Report
2017 Fiscal Report 2008 Fiscal Report
2016 Fiscal Report 2007 Fiscal Report
2015 Fiscal Report 2006 Fiscal Report
2014 Fiscal Report 2005 Fiscal Report
2013 Fiscal Report  

Directory of Staff

To call a staff member outside of regular office hours, please dial 773-6471 and the extension provided below.

Name & Position
Scott Graff, CPA
Department Director & Finance Officer
Ext. 7823
Laurie J. Downey, CPA
Ext. 7825
John Bernier
Director of Parish Financial Services
Ext. 7841
Susan M. Therrien
Lead Bookkeeper
Ext. 7829
Andrea Graffam
Parish Bookkeeper
Ext. 7830
Merlynde Pesirla
Accounting Supervisor
Elizabeth Allen
Director of Human Resources
Ext. 7840
John Cavallaro
Director of Risk Management
Alan Hinkley
Construction Superintendent
Ext. 7846
Fax: 207-878-0254
Denis Lafreniere
Director of Property Management
Ext. 7804
Nancy J. Lombardi
Employee Benefits Coordinator
Ext. 7827
Bob McDermott
Director of Office of Safe Environment
Ext. 7809
Michael D. Moore
Director of IT
Ext. 7807