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“Christmas in July” Project at All Saints Parish in Brunswick Receives Margit Cook Award

BRUNSWICK---The successful “Christmas in July” project at All Saints Parish in Brunswick has received the Margit Cook Award, given annually to a community business or people who have demonstrated exemplary volunteer service to Tedford Housing, which offers a variety of services for the homeless and others in need in the Brunswick area.

“Christmas in July” was held at St. John the Baptist Church in Brunswick from July 16-31. A Christmas tree was set up in the St. Joseph Shrine area with gift tags listing different items. To participate, individuals and families picked up a tag and returned the item by the end of the month. Tedford has become a resource center for homeless and at-risk neighbors, much more than a shelter with emergency beds.

"I cannot express how much we appreciate all the efforts that St. John the Baptist Church of All Saints Parish has done for Tedford Housing here in Brunswick,” said Andrea Meadows of Tedford Housing. “The ‘Christmas in July’ was extremely generous, and just the countless years of support we have received from the church has been amazing.”

All Saints Parish, particularly, its Social Justice and Peace Commission, has worked tirelessly to assist Tedford in its mission, holding fundraising events generating tens of thousands of dollars and offering warm clothes and other resources to Tedford.